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Distinctive Carriage combines the old with the new, the traditional with the modern in our fleet of customized London taxis. Looking at their exterior, you’ll immediately be taken in with their vintage appearance. Once inside, you’ll enjoy all the modern luxuries of comfortable, spacious, elegant seating and climate control. And then you’ll be back in London once you notice the two additional, rear-facing occasional seats – a British solution to accommodating extra passengers — thus providing ample room for up to four. And finally, no authentic, time-honored London experience would be complete without a bit of engine rumble, so we provide that too.

The white ’92 – This is one well-traveled taxi. Originally manufactured in England as a right-hand-drive vehicle (as are all English cars) and likely black, at some point it made its way to Poland. There it was converted to left-hand-drive, stripped down and repainted white, and given a spectacular interior including white leather upholstery, custom woodwork, and minibar of sorts. Oh, and the car was also made into a convertible. We were fortunate to acquire it, importing it in late 2017. After its arrival, the convertible top and carpet were replaced, and air conditioning and a premium sound system were added.

The midnight blue ’89 – While you can’t tell now, this taxi was a diamond-in-the-rough when our founder bought it in 2014. A soup-to-nuts restoration was begun upon its arrival in SoCal. The black paint was stripped off, sections of rusted-out metal were excised and replaced, a leaky sunroof was removed, and the car was given its new, custom color. The interior was gutted and redone in custom fashion, including beautiful tan upholstery with burgundy piping. A good amount of mechanical work also has been necessary. For all practical purposes, this vehicle has been rebuilt from the ground up, and the results speak for themselves.

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