Midnight Blue Taxi

A Midlife Hobby

Distinctive Carriage was formed around the idea of bringing transportation experiences that are a little bit different – elegant but fun, stylish but affordable – to the Southern California wedding, special event or occasion, and corporate branding and event markets. We accomplish this by combining our fleet of vintage English vehicles with the utmost in service. What kind of vehicles? Custom London taxis!

We were borne out of our founder’s childhood fascination with the vehicles that evolved into a midlife collector hobby. Seeing the smiles his cars evoked from total strangers, he decided to start a boutique, niche London taxi transportation business in SoCal. Distinctive Carriage is the result.

Purist collectors seek to preserve the original state of their vehicles. Our goal is different. We’ve sought to retain the taxis’ vintage look on the outside but bring luxury and comfort to the inside, to enhance the passenger experience. That’s why our cars still mostly look like classic London taxis but sport more stylish colors and significant interior upgrades including custom upholstery, woodwork, air conditioning, and other amenities.

Our Strategic Partner

Every booking is covered with commercial insurance courtesy of Hagerty’s DriveShare program. Classic car enthusiasts will recognize the Hagerty name as the premiere provider of classic and vintage car insurance here in the US. Through the company’s DriveShare program, Distinctive Carriage secures commercial insurance on a per-booking basis. This keeps our costs down, which allows us to offer our services at affordable prices.

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